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10 June
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"...and the grotesque but strangely poignant threesome with cucumber episode in Reintsurii wo kiku onnatachi"
-Oe and Beyond:Fiction in Contemporary Japan

Just another fangirl in the Id Vortex. My posts are frequently recs, lol wuts, and fannish squee/thinking out loud with sporadic fanvids--I love hearing what people think, so comment away, if you feel so inclined. Right now I'm most into Vampire Diaries, Spn, nu!Trek, Dollhouse, Dexter and several other shows. I also sometimes talk about recent movies, literature, art and music. I rarely mention RL or post memes (though I don't mind them). I don't have a friending policy either, so if you think our interests overlap and you're interested in my blather, feel free to friend away and by all means let me know! Chances are high I'll friend you back ;) Also if you've moved on or aren't interested anymore, do feel free to cut me any time. You don't even need to let me know--I don't feed the dramallama.

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